💖A Little More About Me💖

So if all you amazing princesses and princes aren’t tired of me yet, I would like to share a little bit more about my self! Cue the introduction to my weird quirks and crazy habits, along with my funny obsessions and silly traits. Grab those crowns of yours, cause it’s story time once again!

So I’m a 16 year old princess, and if you haven’t read my WHO IS PRINCESS AFFLICTION page I’ll just tell you now that sadly I’m not a real princess. I know, shocking right? Believe me though, if I could have one wish, it would be to become a legitimate princess, or maybe even a Disney princess. They’re pretty spectacular. But getting back onto my weird quirks, because let’s face it, we all have that funny little thing we have or do. One of my odd things, is my deep love and desire for deserts, but not just any desert, I absolutely love chocolate cake. Like adore it. I know, I know, silly huh? But I promise you this, there’s a lot more to me than a deep love for cake and fighting chronic pain and if you are still sticking around and reading this, I would like to tell you a little bit more about me. 💖💖💖

I am a girl who loves and adores God. In my 16 years of life, I have been through quite a bit, and God has been with me through it all. There have been a good many trials in my life, like we all face in our lives, and I have found that no matter how hard life becomes to handle or even if I am completely falling apart, I know God is with me because he loves me and knew my name even when I was just a star under his sky. And a God who can love you so deeply before you are even in existence is a God worth fighting for and loving in return.

So now that I told you the important things like my deep love for God and my deep love for chocolate cake, I’ll tell you some more silly little things about me!

I absolutely adore dogs, puppies to be exact, but really I would take ANY dog. My favorite right now is a Maltipoo. Seriously, google it! They are the cutest.

The days I am feeling good, when the migraine isn’t keeping me in bed, I like to walk around my small town. But it’s not really walking, I mostly skip or balance on the curb like I’m a gymnast on the beam!

I am the WORST at math, anyone could tell you that. But where I lack in math I make up in art. I love performing arts and plan to major with that in college along with minor in writing. I was a competitive dancer before illness took over my life. I loved to dance, but I felt God was telling me to find a new passion, so now the arts I do are drawing, acting, writing, and singing.

The ocean is one of my favorite things about the earth, along with the sunset. The amazing and strong waves of the sea always captivate me and the vibrant colors of the sunset always dazzle me.

I love light houses. I really love anything vintage and antique, but lighthouses are an amazing lost vintage pastime.

Snap dragons are my favorite flower, with cherry blossoms as a second, then yellow daisy’s and lilacs. I think flowers are the coolest things, I love their vibrant colors and amazing smell. I feel like we are truly blessed to have such beautiful things on earth.

I always try to look on the bright side. I have been really sick the last couple of days, to the point where I couldn’t leave my bed, but to me, if I look on the bright side, I may be in bed unable to move but at least then I get time to talk to all of you amazing princesses and princes! life will always try and knock you down. So you look at the positive, pick your self up, dust off your crown, and carry on.

I love old movies! Especially Singin’ In The Rain. But I also love any movies with Audrey Hepburn or Grace Kelly, those two were queens.

The rain is my favorite, but thunder and lightning scare me.

I hate bananas. Ew. Sorry banana lovers.

Disney has ran in my blood since I was born I’m sure, going back to wishing I was a disney princess. I hope to go to college on the west coast, close to Anaheim just to hopefully work at Disney Land.

I love turtles. They’re so cool!

I am a definite daydreamer.

I believe in love and kindness, even to those who don’t give it to you in return.

I love to cuddle with stuffed animals. I just love stuffed animals in general. I have a life sized stuffed teddy bear named Christmas that I cuddle with when I’m sad.

I have a love for Italian food, but I have German ancestry… I don’t like really any German food my family makes.

I believe in family and the importance of sticking together.

I know everyone has strength and love inside their heart, even if they feel as if they don’t. They could have just lost it along the road of life. All it takes is to rediscover what makes you strong, and pursue what you love. Everyone holds strength within themselves, but love makes the path clear.

This is just a little bit more about me. I know this is only a small portion of all the silly quirks and crazy habits I have, but I hope you’re enjoying getting to know me little by little as I am enjoying getting to know all of you and your epic battle stories.

I am fighting a battle but the only thing that this battle will change about me is the love I have for God, and the love I have for all of you. Battles can either break you or make you into something beautiful, it’s all in how you choose to fight. So please, keep fighting my brave warrior princesses and princes. You are all beautiful and strong.


Princess Affliction


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