I’ve traded in my ballgowns this week for sweatpants and hoodies! Wellllll, that may be my every day look😬 can you blame me for my undying love for comfy clothes when I’m sick?! I mean seriously, have you ever just cuddled in a big hoddie, held your teddy bear, ate some chocolate and watched a Disney movie? Legit, the best thing EVER. 

With the weeks that have come, somehow I keep getting worse. When I think I’ve finally hit rock bottom, and the pain can’t possibly get any worse, it pulls out the shovel and digs a deeper hole for me. 

Yeah, not fun. 

With all of you who experience chronic pain, I’m sure y’all can feel me. You think it possibly can’t get any worse, then life is like, “surprise! Here’s a double dose of pain today! Good luck honey bunny!” 

Yeah, not fun at all. 

You might not even be experiencing chronic pain and you can feel me. we all have our things in life that gives us pain. Family issues, health, grief, sadness. There is an endless amount of pain found in things in this life. We are all broken in someway. 

Something someone said to me has really stuck with me because it’s so true. She said, “just take this remote for example.” She held the remote as she played with it. “It’s not broken right? There’s nothing I can fix about it.”

I nodded to her utterly confused, wondering what in the heckle she was leading to talking about a remote. 

“But if I throw it across the room, then it will be broken.”

Why would you want to throw it across the room?! I questioned her odd antics. 

“Sometimes God puts us in tough situations, gives us hard trials, to fix us. We all can become broken and hurt over the trials of life. But that’s how God turns it into beauty.”

Her words really meant a lot to me, because its true that life will give you trials that will break you, but god allows that so that he can fix you and make you into something more exquisite than you can ever imagine. 

Isaiah 66:9 

I will not cause pain without something new to be born, says the lord. 

Philippians 1:28

There is purpose for your pain. 

No matter what life throws at you, no matter what trials you face, how broken you become, God will always be there for you and make you whole. He is taking your broken pieces and turning them into a beautiful mosaic masterpiece. So keep your crown high, and know that no matter how broken you feel, God will always be there for you. He is creating something exquisite from the calamity. 

You got this lovely princesses and princes! Keep being strong, rocking those ball gowns (or sweatpants and hoodies😋) and tiaras, and keep those loving hearts of yours amazing. 


💖Princess Affliction💖


2 thoughts on “💖brokenness💖

  1. Perfect for me!! I’ve rocked a ballgown or two…but much prefer something comfy and stretchy 😉
    We all walk our path and as I just posted today, the pain leads to deep healing! Blessings to you.


    1. Thank you💖 I totally agree, ball gowns are sure pretty but I love my hoodies and sweatpants😋 thank you! Blessings to you as well.

      Liked by 1 person

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