Finding sleep without the sleeping curse😋😴

Alas, if only I could be Sleeping Beauty. That would be the only way I would get some actual sleep, by being put under a sleeping curse. Was it really a curse she was put under? I mean, I think sleeping for an endless amount of time sounds pretty amazing! But anyways, back to my real point!😋

I have a major trouble with sleeping. We’re definitely not bff’s that’s for sure. Some nights I will get a blessed 8 hours of sleep, but most nights I run off of 0-3 hours of sleep. 

Not good. 

Then I find myself struggling throughout my day. As if dealing with chronic pain and Lyme disease isn’t enough, I’m trying to run off of only a couple hours of sleep most days. It can be exhausting to say the least. 

Now many of you I’m sure can feel my pain. Dealing with chronic pain or any illness can affect the way you sleep, as it causes your body and mind to stress out, leading to less sleep. Like me, you may be simply exhausted all the time, but still can’t find sleep. 

Trust me, sometimes I wish I could be sleeping beauty just so I could get some decent sleep for once. 

One of the reasons I can never find sleep is because I’m in so much pain or I am stressing myself out way to much by overthinking life. Here are some of my princess ways that I use that I’ve found to work in helping me get some restful sleep at night.💖 (don’t worry, there is no sleeping curse on here as the ways that help me sleep😋)

💖Many doctors have told me not to nap at all during the day, as that can rob you from sleeping at night. While that may be true, sometimes you just need to sleep throughout the day. I take naps as a way to ease my pain, by only taking little cat naps in hour intervals. This way I’m still getting rest, but I’m not robbing my body of the sleep it needs to get at night. 

💖Bubble baths are bae. I mean it! Bubble baths are one of my favorite things, as it can help to ease my pain and relax my body. It’s nice to fill up the tub with that fruity smelling bubbles and relax in that warm water. I put 8-10 drops of lavender essential oil in the water to help me relax better too. Lavender is a great way to ease your mind and release stress. 

💖warm tea or hot milk are good remedies to try as well. I like to drink warm milk with a little bit of honey and almond extract to help relax my body. Tea can be a good drink as well, especially with the different kinds you can buy nowadays that help with sleep. Peppermint and chamomile are two of my favorites, as the ease my mind and make me feel a little sleepy. 

💖melatonin can also be a good thing to try as it’s all natural. Though this didn’t work as well for me. I would take melatonin tablets at night to help but found it gave me no sleep. I tried the gummy version and that proved to be more effective. 

💖yoga can help in releasing stress as well. You can do it 15 minuets before climbing into bed and help ease your mind into getting it to sleep. 

💖 listen to music or white noise. Depending on what you prefer, sometimes you just need sounds to get you to sleep. Wether that be music or even just the sound of a fan, sometimes it really can help. I like to listen to the rain when I try to sleep, and some amazing person created an app just for that! Rain Rain is the app I love to use when I can’t sleep and want to listen to the rain. It really helps ease my mind and lull me to sleep. 

💖making your room dark as possible is good as well, as it tells your brain that it’s time to sleep. If your like me, sometimes you’re just afraid of the dark! A small night light is good, as long as it’s something dim and not to bright. 

These are just a few simple ways I have found that have helped me in finding sleep. It can be hard when your body deals with so much pain and illness when you can’t find sleep. You may be exhausted but sleep still isn’t your friend. Illness can wreak havoc on your life, depriving you of your sleep is sadly a part of that too. I hope that these ways help you find some restful sleep, without having to search for a sleeping curse. 

I would love to hear the ways that help you fall asleep at night! Comment below! I’m always down for trying new things that help with rest because let’s face it, sleep is pretty great when you can find it.😉

Love you all you princesses,

Princess Affliction 


2 thoughts on “Finding sleep without the sleeping curse😋😴

  1. Migraines From Hell August 8, 2017 — 3:07 pm

    Oh, I’m so sorry about the sleeping!!! It is tough to make it through the day when you’ve slept a few hours!!! In my throes of Lyme I could not sleep at night. There was no way I could make myself comfortable. I truly sympathize with you 😦

    I really like the idea of having a night time routine. They work for littles. I try to just make it putting on some decent pj’s. I use some hand cream. I want to elaborate on that but depression, you know.


    1. Thank you❤️ yeah I should definitely try a night time routine! I like that idea. That way my brain has a little bit of a system before going to sleep😋 thank you so much!💖


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